Our Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

  • 1) Repair/Maintenance works for kerosene and Diesel Storage Tank (04C&05F) at Nagapatinam – CPCL
  • 2) Construction of Balance terminal and Associated facilities for KCJP-GVK-Vemagiri Pipeline" KG Basin Rajahmundry - GAIL
  • 3) ARC for Pipeline Repair/Replacement job of KG basin at Rajahmundry – GAIL
  • 4) M & I Repair Works for CRV Ts/FRVTs/Fire Water Tanks/Pipelines etc., at Madurai & Tuticorin Terminal – IOCL


  • 1) Laying 18 Km 8 Inch Dia Water Pipeline From Existing Narmada Water Pump House And Desalination Water Plant Within Essar Refinery, Vadinar To Iocl Vadinar Colony And Pump Station Including Associated Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation And Mainline Works Within Essar Refinery, Mainline Between Essar Refinery And Iocl Vadinar And Within Iocl Vadinar Colony And Pump Station
  • 2) Combined Station Works Including Civil & Mechanical Works For Laying 24”Dia. Interconnecting Pipeline Between Essar Sea Water Line And IOCL Fire Water Network At WRPL Vadinar
  • 3) Installation Of Supplied Product Pipe Lines, Modification PLT Lines ,Delivery Lines, Dock Lines For Conversion N2 Tank To MS And K1 , K3 Tanks To HFHSD At CBMT , Narimanam
  • 4) M & I Repair Works For CRV Ts/Frvts/Fire Water Tanks/Pipelines Etc., At Madurai & Tuticorin Terminal – IOCL


  • 5) Repair & Maintenance Of Diesel Tanks 05a At CPCL-CBR, Nagapattinam
  • 6) Piping Works Including Painting For HSD Tanks AT CPCL – CBR, Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu (Zone - 1 - Inside Refinery Premises And Zone - 2 - Outside Refinery Premises)
  • 7) Construction Of Additional DM Tank At CPCL-CBR, Nagapattinam

  • 8) Construction Of Lab Building At Adayakamangalam In Gail Cauvery Basin

  • 9) LPG Pipeline Laying At VRMP

  • 10) Construction Of Balance Terminal And Associated Facilities For KCJP-GVK-Vemagiri Pipeline" KG Basin Rajahmundry - GAIL